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2023 Winners

The best US fintechs of 2023

A distinguished panel of judges engaged in rigorous deliberation to select 20 winners, recognising their outstanding contributions to the industry

The prestigious US FinTech Awards, produced by FinTech Intel, celebrated the remarkable achievements of the brightest innovators and leaders in the financial technology sector at the 2023 awards ceremony. This year’s event witnessed a record number of entries and showcased the growing impact of the fintech industry in the US. 

The awards ceremony, held at the iconic Edison Ballroom in Manhattan on November 2nd, marked a momentous occasion in the world of fintech. A distinguished panel of judges engaged in rigorous deliberation to select 20 winners, recognising their outstanding contributions to the industry. 

Funding Circle, a standout in the industry, was awarded the coveted title of FinTech of the Year. The fintech is transforming the lending landscape for small businesses. Its fast, accurate and competitive service allows small businesses to access the financing they need to grow. 

The evening also featured several other remarkable award winners: 

  • Bill Capuzzi, from Apex Fintech Solutions, earned the title of Director of the Year, recognising his exceptional leadership and vision in the fintech realm. 
  • Sonali Sambhus, representing AvidXchange, was honoured with the Rising Star of the Year award, acknowledging her promising contributions to the industry’s growth. 
  • David Mitchell from Owners Bank, a division of Liberty Bank, secured the Innovator of the Year prize for his pioneering work in financial technology. 

Penny Lee, chair of the judging panel, said: “As president and chief executive officer of the Financial Technology Association, I get to see every day the remarkable transformation the industry is having as it reshapes and redefines the boundaries of financial services by using cutting-edge technology solutions and transformative ideas. 

“Throughout the evening, we witnessed the culmination of hard work, dedication, and ingenuity as we recognised and honoured the outstanding achievements of the brightest minds and the most groundbreaking companies in the realm of technology. Their commitment to pushing the notion of what is possible has not only changed the way we manage our finances but has also laid the groundwork for a more accessible, inclusive and secure financial future.” 

Josh Poyser, FinTech Intel, said: “The US FinTech team would like to thank everyone who took part in making the awards a success. 

“Congratulations to all the finalists and winners on their incredible achievements and contributions to the fintech industry.”  

The US FinTech Awards have become a beacon of recognition and celebration for those who continuously drive innovation and progress in the world of fintech. The 2023 awards ceremony shows that the future of fintech in the US promises to be bright.  


Data Initiative of the Year: Provenir 

The winner of Data Initiative of the Year drives improvements in customer experience, access to financial services and much more, with its use of data and AI. It works with financial services organisations in dozens of countries and processes billions of transactions annually.”


Best Use of Blockchain Technolgy: AlphaPoint 

The winner of Best Use of Blockchain Technology did something unprecedented, proving that this technology can revolutionise industries. Its innovative use of blockchain has improved access to financial services in a country where more than 70% of the population were previously unbanked.”


LendTech of the Year: Point Predictive 

The winner of LendTech of the Year is significantly advancing and positively changing the industry. Being recognised as a leader in this category reflects this fintech’s dedication, innovation and impact in the world of lending.”


Rising Star of the Year (sponsored by Sonali Sambhus from AvidXchange 

On behalf of, I’d like to announce the winner of Rising Star of the Year has used their talent, knowledge and experience to benefit clients, employees and the fintech industry through innovation, mentorship initiatives and consistently demonstrating forward thinking leadership through their actions.” 


RegTech of the Year: Onfido 

The winner of RegTech of the Year makes digital identity simple. It has developed an AI powered identification platform that is used by hundreds of companies around the world. Its technology is fast, fair and accurate.”


Startup of the Year: Dragonfly Financial Technologies 

The winner of Startup of the Year is making big waves in the industry. It serves more than a million customers, and its service and features have both been highly rated. This fintech provides a one of kind solution purpose built for today’s banking needs.”

Accounting Tech of the Year: ForwardAI 

The winner of Accounting Tech of the Year has introduced a groundbreaking solution that is unique in the US market. It ensures faster payment processing and eliminates delays caused by other traditional methods. In doing so, this fintech has revolutionised how small businesses receive payments.”


Diversity and Inclusion Award: Synechron 

The winner of the Diversity and Inclusion Award is committed to raising awareness of differences, building an inclusive and diverse workplace, and valuing the unique perspectives and talents of all its employees. Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are a core focus across this fintech’s global offices.”


Investment Tech of the Year: TOGGLE AI 

The winner of Investment Tech of the Year has modernised investing tools to help people to manage their portfolio. Its AI powered platform is a one-stop shop for investing. This award is a big deal, a great win and show of strength of this fintech’s technology.”


WealthTech of the Year: Dollarize  

The winner of WealthTech of the Year created an opportunity for people in emerging economies to open a savings account in USD, thereby protecting their savings.

“It identified a way to help people who are losing their purchasing power in economies with unstable local currencies. And also created a venue to access the US banking system to enable payments and remittances.”


Payments Tech of the Year: Tassat Group 

The winner of Payments Tech of the Year has allowed more financial institutions to access instant payments anytime and any day of the year. Its solution has resulted in better banking relationships, increased deposits and more revenue opportunities for financial institutions. The speed, safety and security set this fintech apart from the competition.”


InsurTech of the Year: Bolt Insurance  

The winner of InsurTech of the Year is transforming the industry. Its digital product is changing how insurance is bought and sold. Its platform includes two-thirds of America’s leading insurers, and helps businesses of all sizes to distribute insurance and meet their customer’s needs.”


Personal Finance Tech of the Year: FlyFin AI 

The winner of Personal Finance Tech of the Year has simplified and transformed a rather tedious job, helping many customers in the process. Its automated and streamlined platform is easy to use, which saves people time and money.”


Best Employer Award: North American Bancard 

The winner of the Best Employer Award has programmes that are specific, focused and innovative. It helps employees to carve out a career path, which is a powerful retention tool. And it provides important self-care options, to take care of its people.”


Young Achiever of the Year: Colleen Judge from Matrix Applications 

Young achievers are the future leaders and innovators. The winner of the Young Achiever of the Year has excelled in their role, while tirelessly advocating for environmental, social and governance advancement, with the goal of making a positive and enduring impact in the fintech industry. This award underscores their potential and remarkable achievements.”


Banking Tech of the Year: Themis   

The judges are incredibly excited about the winner of Banking Tech of the Year. Its platform streamlines innovation and accelerates partnerships within the industry. With the costs of risk and compliance continuing to grow, this fintech’s solution allows due diligence and risk assessment to be carried out in a powerful and integrated manner.”


Innovator of the Year: David Mitchell from Owners Bank, a division of Liberty Bank 

Innovators drive progress and change within organisations. The winner of Innovator of the Year has used their creativity, vision and dedication to push the boundaries of what is possible in the banking industry.

“The judges are looking forward to seeing their innovative spirit inspire further advancements and success in the world of finance.”


Director of the Year: Bill Capuzzi from Apex Fintech Solutions 

The Director of the Year used their vision, dedication and strategic thinking to make an impact in their company and the industry. They built a values-based company that seeks to break down barriers to wealth creation by making frictionless investing for everyone. The company serves millions of customers and is one of the first to support robo and commission-free investing.”


Team of the Year: 

The winner of Team of the Year Award is truly inspiring. Overcoming the sudden and difficult loss of their CEO and founder, instead of letting their grief paralyse them, they quickly mobilised to fill the gaps, and handled everything with grace and dignity. The team came together determined to build upon the vision of the organisation, execute with excellence, and thrive on behalf of their clients.”


FinTech of the Year: Funding Circle 

The winner of FinTech of the Year is transforming the lending landscape for small businesses. Its fast, accurate and competitive service allows small businesses to access the financing they need to grow. By helping small businesses to succeed, they in turn create jobs, support local communities and drive the economy forward.” 


You can see photos of each and every winner in our gallery.


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