Meet the winners of the US FinTech Awards 2022


The US FinTech Awards 2022 virtual ceremony saw several fantastic fintechs, directors, innovators and rising stars at the top of their games prevail across 20 categories.


The US FinTech Awards will be back in 2023 as an in-person event in New York City. Below, you can find out who won each and every category, and why.


Banking Tech of the Year

Winner: Brighterion

“The winner of Banking Tech of the Year is always adapting to meet the needs of diverse market segments. Its AI platform is delivering fantastic results for clients, including reduced costs and risks, in a crucially important space. A top-draw fintech and an ideal partner.”


Accounting Tech of the Year

Winner: TeamPay

“The winner of Accounting Tech of the Year delivers accessible tools to address corporate spending and accounting needs. It’s extremely employee-friendly, boasts key integrations and is undergoing rapid but controlled innovation to become even better. Highly impressive.”


Startup of the Year (sponsored by

Winner: Airwallex

“The winner of Startup of the Year is innovative and impactful, engaging and always enabling customers in the movement of money on a global scale. This fintech is well on its way to becoming established in the US market and making the world even bigger for its target clients. A lesson in excellence.”


Data Initiative of the Year

Winner: BondLink

“The winner of Data Initiative of the Year is a solution that meets a great need and one that will provide tangible benefits to users. The result of a close partnership that is a model for the rest of fintech to follow, this initiative is a fantastic story of tech solving a pressing problem.”


Online Initiative of the Year

Winner: Octane

“This year’s winning online initiative focuses on a niche market, improving the timeframe for both dealers and consumers to ensure rapid funding approvals. It’s receiving fantastic customer feedback and is delivering superb results. A top solution.”


Payments Tech of the Year

Winner: borderless

“The winner of Payments Tech of the Year provides a platform that greatly simplifies transactions for businesses, making international payments approachable, efficient and fast. This is a superb fintech with a very promising future.”


Pensions Tech of the Year

Winner: Smart

“This year’s winner is targeting a crucial economic issue in the US by providing easy-to-use tools that deliver real benefits, for both small businesses and workers. Highly thoughtful integrations promise genuine change. It’s exciting to see what this fintech does next.”


Diversity and Inclusion Award (sponsored by FinMkt)

Winner: PhoenixTeam

“The winner of the Diversity and Inclusion Award goes above and beyond for its staff, such as by providing access to support outside of standard healthcare issues. The breadth of its work in diversity and inclusion is also highly commendable.”


Team of the Year

Winner: LendKey Technologies

“The winning team has improved and excelled in all aspects of its collective work by leveraging the power of the entire team. Results are impressive and the effects appear to be truly transformational. An excellent model of teamwork for the rest of fintech to follow.”


Investment Tech of the Year


“The winner of Investment Tech of the Year empowers individual investors with a platform that delivers AI-powered advice, visibility and risk management, opening up opportunities previously reserved for institutional investors. A top fintech and one to watch.”


LendTech of the Year

Winner: Lendflow

“The winner of LendTech of the Year is keeping pace with the growing demand for faster loans and easier application processes. A deserved winner in a highly competitive market.”


WealthTech of the Year

Winner: YCharts

“The winner of WealthTech of the Year is changing the way investment research is done, delivering tools that appeal to a diverse range of clients. It’s highly rated and succeeding in a very competitive area of the market, while undergoing constant evolution to meet client needs.”


RegTech of the Year

Winner: Clausematch

“The winner of RegTech of the Year stands out for providing tools capable of being used across industries, providing this company with plenty of opportunity for growth. Its policy management and compliance solution is unique and easy-to-use and the company is doing fantastic work in digitising regulation.”


InsurTech of the Year

Winner: Pie Insurance

“The winner of InsurTech of the Year focuses on a large and vitally important segment of the insurance market, driving customer satisfaction with simple and fast processes, and enjoying impressive growth as a result. A brilliant insurtech with an exciting future.”


Personal Finance Tech of the Year


“The winner of Personal Finance Tech of the Year epitomises what this category is designed to recognise: using technology to boost the wealth creation opportunities of average people. Retail investors can benefit from top performing investment strategies thanks to this company. An excellent example of what fintech is capable of.”


Best Employer Award

Winner: Flywire

“The winner of the Best Employer puts its employees at the very heart of its work, starting with their initial induction. Training programmes, buddying up and employee wellness and engagement are just some of its successful initiatives, backed by excellent feedback. This is a fantastic employer.”


Innovator of the Year

Winner: Margaret Hartigan from Marstone

“This year’s winning innovator is a highly talented individual who has conceived, designed and implemented highly respected products for their company. And they continue to drive the business toward greater innovation and market impact, while working to achieve the admirable aim of making financial education and inclusion accessible and available to everyone.”


Rising Star of the Year

Winner: Olivia Mitchell from OpenFin

“The winner of Rising Star of the Year is a consistent high performer and clearly articulates the value proposition that the company brings to the fintech space. They are client-focused and always improving personally, while working to boost the conversation around diversity and inclusion.”


Director of the Year (sponsored by

Winner: Jason Guss from Octane

“The winner of Director of the Year regularly demonstrates tenacity and creativity, while putting employees at the forefront of their work. Their leadership of the business through difficult times was particularly exemplary, and they are now reaping the rewards.”


FinTech of the Year (sponsored by FinMkt)

Winner: OpenFin

“The FinTech of the Year is not so much a fintech provider but an ecosystem, changing the way that the financial services desktop functions. It has fantastic market penetration and it’s easy to see why. This fintech solves a complex issue superbly, identifying and addressing common problems within the financial services industry and bringing to market a solution. Great technology, expertly executed.”