Ashlyn Lackey

Ashlyn Lackey

Women in Banking, Finance, and Fintech


Ashlyn’s expertise lies in building partnerships between fintech startups and Fortune 100 companies, helping to drive innovation and growth for both parties.  


Her ability to identify opportunities for collaboration and drive meaningful relationships has made her a valuable asset to her organisations.


She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in anthropology and entrepreneurship. Since then, she has spent five years working in large financial services institutions across life insurance and banking.  


Outside of her corporate work, Ashlyn is deeply involved in the fintech community. She serves as a mentor for both Queen City Fintech and Holt Xchange, helping to guide and support early-stage startups.  


Additionally, she is the community manager for Women in Banking, Finance and Fintech, where she helps to foster connections and promote diversity and inclusion in the industry.